5 Favorite Focus Floral Centerpieces from 2012

As we reach the last few days of 2012, I wanted to share a few of my favorite centerpieces from weddings this year.  Some are dramatic, some are simple -- all are beautiful and reflect the style and vision of the client.

Enjoy these favorites and see even more of our Centerpieces in our Galleries.

A romantic look in silver, pink and white with roses and peonies.

Tall purple centerpiece featuring hydrangea framed by floating candles.

Amazing yellow piece with hanging candles to add lots of drama to this tablescape.

A tropical touch for this Florida Wedding.

A subtle touch of tropical mixed with roses and calla lilies for a soft look.

Some FLOBS for Friday

I came across an amazing blog post by a former floral artist turned blogger in Amsterdam, Michael Bakker.   He shared photos of FLOBS - Floral Objects - or what we might call statement pieces.  For weddings, you may want to incorporate a statement piece on your escort card table or to frame your ceremony.

Here are a few of my favorites from the post and his comments on the subject.  See the whole post and all the photos HERE.

Floral-objects ( FLOBS ) are large flower-arrangements . Most of the time they are made with lasting materials, like dried ornaments, driftwood , metal etc. These Floral-objects are made for exhibitions, a contest or product-presentations. You can see a lot of them during flower-trade exhibitions, for example to promote a new variety of flowers. During flower-designers contests florists can express their skills and fantasy with these FLOBS.